The first Toyota Supra sold at auction for $ 2.1 million   ordinary Toyota Supra?

The new Toyota Supra is sold at a starting price of $ 49,900 on the US market, while the limited edition of only 1,500 units sold for $ 55,250. The sample called Global # 1, which has reached a price of $ 2.1 million in the auction, differs from any other Supra in the world. Although basically it is based on the Launch Edition, this car has a special color, called the Phantom Matte.

The side mirrors are in contrast shiny red, and the same color adorns the interior of this model. That’s about it. If you thought this Supra was technically better than all other models, you were lying. The secret behind the price of this unique Supra model is that it is unique, and its new owner is very, very rich. It is very likely that this car will be a collector sample and maybe increase the price, depending on the popularity of the new Supra.

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